Earthtwine Compostable Bio Twine

  • Made from plant-based polymer
  • Fully compostable with no toxic residue
  • The same tensile strength as conventional plastic twine
  • Avoid disease-causing pathogens which may be encouraged by natural twines
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Earthtwine™ is made from a plant-based biopolymer derived from plant starch.  It can be converted to compost under industrial composting conditions in less than 90 days, depending on the temperature and humidity maintained in your composting system.  It is designed to replace the twine made from polypropylene.  Our aim is to provide users of horticultural/agricultural twines with a fully compostable alternative that is not only kind to the environment but meets the same technical specifications as the conventional plastic twine and at a competitive price.

Earthtwine™ can be used in various applications.  Initial tests were aimed at confirming its suitability as a horti-twine (for vegetable growing in commercial glasshouses), but it can also be used as baling twine and tying twine (for grapes and kiwifruit).  It has been developed and tested with commercial growers in New Zealand to ensure that it meets the demands of the industry.

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